• No Special Requirements for Cambodian Visa for most countries                                                                            
  • 30 Day Tourist Visa issued on arrival at land border- crossings and Phnom Penh airport                                                       
  • US  $35 cash  for 30 days tourist visa - Russians get free visa if on a "mission" (?)                                                                       
  • One passport-sized photo of yourself                                                  
  • Name of your hotel ( any one will do ) - I was not asked for this but it is listed as a requirement                                                   
  • Valid return air ticket for airport arrivals - I was not asked for this either.                                                                                                
  • Business visa ( also called regular or ordinary visa ) is extendable -  3 to 12 months - 6 and 12 month visas are multiple entry                                                                                             
  • Prices from a visa agent : Good for One (1) month: US$48.00 (single entry only). Good for Three (3) months: US$78.00 (single entry only). Good for Six (6) months: US$159.00 (multiple entry). Good for One (1) year: US$289.00 (multiple entry). "Multiple-entry" means that within the period of your visa you may leave and re-enter the territory of Cambodia an unlimited number of times.

    Read more:                                                           

  • Business Visas 30 days for US $40 at the border - You will need a letter from a company to get the first 30 day business visa - You must get the business visa at the border and then the Visa Agent can organise a one year business visa with multiple entry for $289 in Phnom Penh. A passport-sized photo is required. A work permit might be necessary if you want to work and can be arranged by your employer.                   
  • A 12month, multiple-entry business visa is easy to get and can be extended indefinitely - passport photos are not needed either ! Obtained through Visa Agent Pouw Chek +855 11 7274 87
  • You now need a 'To Whom It May Concern'  letter from your employer stating your name, passport number, date-of-birth, visa number and requesting extension of stay. It must be the original, in colour and with the company stamp. This is only for a one year visa, for 3 month and six month extensions it is not needed, but you then will need a work permit ! ( Work permit not needed for one year visa ! ) It will take 10 days.  This is a specimen letter :                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • If you have a business visa without a work permit, you MIGHT get fined at the airport when leaving Cambodia ( this is not at all certain ) - fines can be $150                                              
  • If you are caught working without a work permit, you could be fined $600 - $900    If you cannot pay the fine, you risk up to 3 months prison and deportation.                                                                                                                                                                   


Visa regulations have been tightened up and for a 12 month business visa you might need :

  • Current Address Certificate (?)
  • Proof of where you work
  • Work Permit (?)
  • These regulations change every year !                                                                                             

I was also told that they like you to leave the country for a short period every year so they can refuse re-entry if you have caused trouble. 

Work Permit

It could be refused if you are self-employed with no staff - better to get it through an established Khmer company


A work permit is applied for online - the website is in English or Khmer, but, even if you choose English, there is still some typing in Khmer to do - better to get the local Labour & Employment Office to do it for you. I paid them $5 for their help. The permit costs $138 for 1 year - I was not charged for backdating it. 

You need scans ( < 1MB ) of

  • Health Certificate 
  • Passport Photo
  • Address Certificate ( maybe optional ? )
  • Certificate of Incorporation ( from employer )
  • first Business Visa & entry stamp
  • current Business Visa Extension of Stay
  • Passport
  • Foreign Worker Quota Certificate ( optional )
  • Patent Tax Certificate ( optional ) 
  • New gmail address & password for payment invoice ( paid at Acleda Bank ) 
  • Phone number for SMS messages